Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Not be Scrapped, Upgrade Program for Note 7

Samsung Galaxy S8

Talk of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has begun boiling as chances of Galaxy Note 7 ever coming back to life keep fading away.

Even though we didn’t have high hopes that the Galaxy Note 7 will be revived once more, we hoped that Samsung would at least come clean with what really happened to the phone. But apparently, the South Korean tech giant has no clue as to what was causing the fires or rather the batteries to overheat.

As a result of this lack of progress in finding the problem of the Galaxy Note 7, stories started emerging suggesting that Samsung was considering to scrap the Galaxy Note 8 and the entire Note series.

Now, according to fresh reports coming from South Korea, the tech giant has even better news. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 customers in the country who trade in their recalled flagship for a Galaxy S7 will be eligible for an upgrade program.

In a statement that was released this Monday, the company confirmed that these customers will then be allowed to trade in their S7 handsets for a new Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 this coming year.

The Note 7 has been discontinued and up to now, the tech giant has been offering incentives to those who take back their recalled devices and pick another Samsung Galaxy phone. If anything, this latest upgrade program is the latest attempt to get customers into sticking with the brand.

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As opposed to earlier reports that had claimed Samsung Galaxy S8 will be offered for free to the Galaxy Note 7 customers who trade in the phone for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, this new report further adds that this upgrade program will attract a fee that costs half the price of the then Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8.

Whether this Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 upgrade program will be pushed to other countries or not is still a mystery. But hopefully, it does as it might play a huge role in retaining a larger part of its unsatisfied customers.

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  1. I am afraid this only applies to customers in South Korea (read the press release carefully.) Samsung has made no announcement for Note 7 customers in the US or any other area. I wish they would! I’d sign up! Maybe they will.

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