Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors – Could the Note Series be Axed?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Normally, we would be expecting Samsung to release a Galaxy Note 8 at some point next year. However, following the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, where the phone has been recalled twice and finally killed, there are some interesting developments coming in with respect to the 2017 Note 8.

As it is, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could possibly be the last you see in the company’s highly successful Galaxy Note series. In a report that is coming from the company’s home country of Korea, it appears that the tech giant has conceded that the damage is already done, especially when it comes to the Galaxy Note brand.

Samsung led the way as far as the phablet world is concerned. Noticing how successful the huge screens were on Samsung phones, Apple and a list of other companies have made the switch, offering smartphones devices with up to 6.5 inches. Nevertheless, not even a single one of them was close to what Samsung has been offering via the Galaxy Note series.

In dropping Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the company will now have more time, energy and resources to focus on improving the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge. The report argues that by focusing on one product lineup, Samsung will be able to refine the product quality on offer and in the process, avoid a repeat of the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

There has been talk of a proposed Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge+ to take the place of the failed Galaxy Note 7. Last year Samsung released a Galaxy S6 Edge+ – a phone that shared the same screen size with the Galaxy Note 5, but it looked like a larger Galaxy S6 Edge. Apparently, this concept will be revived, but this time adding an S Pen to the Galaxy S8 Edge+. If anything, this will just be a mere rebrand.

Galaxy Note 7 Fire

It is still early to agree with this report, especially since the tech giant has not even found the root of the Galaxy Note 7 fires. Whether finding this problem could have a different dimension on the direction the company takes with the Galaxy Note 8 or not is also hard to tell at this time.

As for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge, their release date is not expected to be different from this year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which were unveiled at the MWC event. The 2017 MWC will be held on February 27, which is when we expect to see the next Samsung smartphone flagships.

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