Confirmed: Upcoming Samsung VR Headset to Work Independently

Samsung VR headset

Even before the $100 Gear VR cements its position in the promising virtual reality world, it has emerged that a new standalone Samsung VR headset is in the making.

The South Korean tech giant made its mark in the VR world when it availed the Samsung Gear VR that works together with its newer line of Samsung Galaxy S series, including last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 series and the Note 5. However, the company wants to better compete with the likes of Facebook’s Oculus as well as HTC by coming in with a VR headset that does not rely on smartphones.

In the new Samsung VR headset, the company is promising to include advanced features, among them positional tracking ability that the company failed to include in the Gear VR. To confirm that this is standalone headset is indeed in the making, the company’s head of R&D for software and services, Injong Rhee, said during the recent Developer Conference in San Francisco, that a dedicated Samsung VR headset that does not necessarily need a smartphone is in the making.

To make the VR headset a lot better, it is reported that Samsung is busy working on incorporating features like hand and gesture tracking, with the main target being the future generation of VR devices. However, given the young age of the VR industry, Injong added that the introduction of these advanced features might take a few years before finally coming to the various standalone Samsung VR headsets.

Samsung VR headset

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming Samsung VR headset will be joining the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in offering VR services without the need of a smartphone. However, the fact that these two VR headsets are standalone means that they are more expensive than the $100 Gear VR. For instance, the Oculus Rift is priced at $600 while the HTC Vive demands a massive $800. Sony also has its own VR headset, but this one works together with Sony’s PlayStation. The PlayStation VR headset costs $400, but it still not available for purchase.

If the standalone Samsung VR headset is unveiled, expect it to be priced in the same regions as the standalone Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, unless Samsung has other ideas. According to market predictions, it is estimated that the entire VR headset market will generate a massive revenue of $895 million in 2016. It is clear that Samsung wants to be part of this success, although the same predictions also claim that the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the yet to be released PlayStation VR headsets will dominate the market this year.

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