SoundCloud Subscription Services Now Available in the UK, Ireland


The music streaming industry does have quite a number of solid options on offer. The center of attraction has been Spotify and to some extent, Google Play Music, however, platforms such as Apple Music and SoundCloud are beginning to make their presence in the industry felt.

Offering both free and subscription-based services, most of these established players have already expanded their reach to quite a number of developed and developing markets. However, it is just now that SoundCloud subscription services are making their way to the likes of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The subscription service, known as SoundCloud Go, which went live in late March this year in the United States for a fee of $9.99 per month, is now ready to offer the same music streaming, offline playback as well as ad-free experience to those living in the UK and Ireland.

The service has been priced in the same category as other established players – Apple Music and Spotify – however, those using SoundCloud Go on iOS devices will have to pay slightly higher than those using it on Android and web platforms. iOS users are required to pay $12.99 per month, probably due to the fact that Apple gets 30% of the total sales made via the App Store.

SoundCloud has made this move a bit quicker than expected, however, it had been rumored earlier that the service will soon be headed to Europe. Now that SoundCloud Go is actually here as the company had promised, it won’t be long before it is launched in other countries across the globe.


As far as UK dwellers are concerned, you will part with a monthly fee of £9.99. When compared to the U.S. subscription figure, the two are the same, however, converting the currency based on the current rates leaves UK users spending $5 more than U.S. users. For those living in Ireland, the service is available for the same figure, but the currency is in euros. This means that they eventually pay about $2 more than U.S. users.

Even though the specific dates of making SoundCloud Go official in these two regions has not been confirmed, company co-founder Eric Wahlforss claims that it will take a couple of years before the service reaches the entire globe. This is, of course, not directed at UK and Ireland dwellers, who should expect to start accessing the subscription-based music streaming service really soon.

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