Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 is Four Times Likelier to Survive Falls

Gorilla Glass 5

Cracked screens are common with many people’s smartphones – it is as a result of accidental drops that these phones have such funny-looking display units.

One company that is dedicated to making sure that your phone’s screen remains unscathed is New York-based glass maker Corning. The company recently announced the latest version of its Gorilla Glass technology, which v5 and according to the company, smartphones whose screens are protected by the new Gorilla Glass 5 will be four times likely to survive falls as compared to its competitors. However, this will only be possible for drops that are no higher than shoulder height, otherwise, the results might not be impressive as you think.

If the latest stats are to be believed, Corning has used Gorilla Glass protective technology on more than 4.5 billion devices across the globe, but this is only since 2007. The company’s leading customers are Samsung and Apple, which lead the way in terms of global smartphone sales that also use this technology. The likes of LG, Motorola, and HP, just to name but a few, also make use of Corning’s technology.

The glass maker wants to ensure that the upcoming handsets from any of these companies feature the best screen protection yet. In a statement made by the company, the new Corning Gorilla Glass 5 was dropped on rough surfaces from heights of waist to shoulder and it survived up to 80% of the entire time. What this means is that the Glass 5 technology will keep your phone’s screen safe even when dropped from a height of up to 1.5 meters.

Gorilla Glass 5

While the announced Gorilla Glass 5 is expected to start shipping with smartphones before the year ends, the company did not go into specifics with respect to this matter. Still, with the likes of Google Nexus 2016 and iPhone 7 yet to be released, it won’t be a surprise to see this technology appear on any of these handsets, but with Apple having last used Corning’s Gorilla Glass technology years ago, it is unlikely it will drop its Ion-strengthened glass. As for the Galaxy Note 7, it is definitely too soon as the handset should be here a week from now.

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