Ford to Install Google’s Android Auto, Apple CarPlay in All 2017 Models


Technology is moving fast. In the latest turn of events, Ford Motors Company has announced that it will install Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone compatibility on all of the car models it releases in 2017.

With this move, the company will be making the fastest rollout that any U.S. firm has made with respect to any technology. This is true because rival companies have only managed to include the technology on a number of new models for the past several years. Interestingly, the upcoming rollout will be the first for Ford and the best thing about it is that the automaker is doing it all at once. There is currently no 2016 model from the company that offers smartphone connectivity via any of Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto.

Apparently, Ford has plans to replace the rather bulky MyFord Touch system that it uses on its models and instead turn to SYNC 3. By the end of 2016, the company says that it will have all of its new Ford and Lincoln models integrated with Apple or Android systems.

Whether you are after a Ford car, light truck, SUV or even an electric car – as long as it is a 2017 model with SYNC 3 – you will be able to access your smartphone apps via any of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay platforms, a top Ford official said in a statement.

Ford Motors

If this move goes through, it will mean Ford has one of the largest numbers of vehicles out there based on the auto technology, a figure that would only be bettered by General Motors. With this software installed on all vehicles, it will allow users to access as many apps as they want, including a bunch of other functions they have on their phones, via these car systems. Of course, the systems include a touch screen car interface and voice controls.

Traditionally, automakers venturing into this technology have chosen the channel of slowly rolling out Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with a few models each year. It will be interesting to see how Ford handles a mass rollout of this innovative technology.

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