Counter Strike Global Offensive Gambling Faces Severe Action From Valve

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Valve is serious about curbing gambling once for all in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

In a recent announcement, the company has given a ten days deadline before which all gambling sites associated with the game are supposed to be shut down.

The gambling websites were not only hosting illegal bets over the game and teams but were also using the Steam platform to carry out the same. Most of the betting is related to weapon skins. The violation notices have been sent to 23 different websites.

“You are making use of Steam accounts to conduct betting business which is in violation of the Steam Subscriber Agreement. The gambling websites listed below should be shut down and using Valve’s own programs to conduct the business is considered a serious offense,” reads the statement distributed by Valve to all the suspected parties.

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a huge property for Valve. With Half Life almost out of the game with no development in site, CS Go and Dota 2 are the biggest revenue earners for the company. The Youtube celebrity profiles and Twitch streamers who were also suspected to be part of the gambling were forced to shut down their channels.

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The most popular gambling websites are CSGO Lotto, CSGO Wild, CSGO Diamonds among a few others. These websites were mostly dealing with selling rare weapon skins and other items for exorbitant prices. Most of them are auctioned off to the highest bidder which leads to an increase in sales and more profit for the seller. It keeps making more money as the exclusivity factor of the particular items keeps growing every month.

Valve has been taking steps in every channel including Twitch streamers. One of them was found to be dealing with such gambling websites. With due notification, Twitch officially discontinued his channel and stopped him from further accessing the website to broadcast content. No such issues were reported so far in the Dota 2 community. However, similar ones do take place at times but in minimal level that didn’t warrant attention from Valve yet.

Competitive gaming is becoming increasingly popular these days made possible by faster internet and websites like Twitch, Youtube which allow viewers to enjoy content with the comfort of their home. At the same time, they also pave way for plenty of cash circulation and gambling issues which the developers have to curb in order to keep the environment free of toxicity.

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