Facebook Messenger User Base Hits 1 Billion, But There’s a Bigger Problem at Hand

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now has more than one billion users from all over the world, joining WhatsApp and the main social networking platform, Facebook, in the 1 billion club.

While at some point Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed that it only gets interesting when it comes to working with a billion people, the fact that Messenger has finally achieved this feat has just created a brand new problem for the tech mogul.

As you may know by now, Facebook Messenger is an application mainly meant for messaging purposes. In fact, it came to life when the Facebook inbox was stripped from the Facebook mobile app, with its main purpose being to play home to private messages sent via the platform. However, since then, the app has been adding other features such as voice and video calling in a bid to stay on top of the highly competitive IM market.

But up to now, Facebook has yet to get the best out of this app in terms of monetizing it. In essence, the fact that Facebook Messenger is a messaging app makes it even harder for the social networking giant to monetize the app. The easiest way developers monetize their apps is through ads, however, this direction would be a suicide move for Messenger.

Recent times have seen the emergence of chat bots, which are apparently here to stay. This is the only way Facebook Messenger thought of with respect to monetizing the app, with companies such as Uber, CNN, and 1-800-Flowers already on board. Well, how Facebook earns from hosting these chatbots is still unknown to us, but still, the company has to be in it for something. Since the companies behind the bots want to take advantage of the more than 1 billion people (ready market) that use Messenger on an active monthly basis, they have to pay Facebook for that.

Facebook Messenger

At some point, you may come across ads inserted into a conversation you are having with a bot, which may probably look like real content. However, none of these will come in between a private chat with a friend or group on Facebook Messenger.

So, even though the Zuck and his team might be celebrating at the feat Facebook Messenger has just achieved, the fact that the app has yet to be fully monetized is another huge problem for the social networking company.

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