“Where Did All My Data Go?” Google Project Fi Group Plans to Solve a Major Dilemma

Google Project Fi

Google Project Fi should easily be one of the best happenings in the smartphone world – a world that has seen tremendous growth over the past close to one decade.

While the likes of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are equipped with some amazing services and prepaid plans, you won’t enjoy the pricing as well as customer services rendered by these established carriers. Now, with Google Project Fi, the search engine giant is ideally looking to show these carriers how it is done. If you are one person that cannot be trusted when it comes to careful usage of data, you need to make the switch to this Project Fi service as soon as possible, lest you are looking to get bankrupt by using other carriers.

Google Project Fi has recently added group plans to its services, something that could be the starting point towards a new dawn in the telecommunications industry. With this feature, the company has now made it a lot easier to manage family plans. The new plan allows up to six people on one account where the additional five members will be charged $15 per month per month as opposed to the $20 per month needed on the previous single-member plan.

With the reduced fee, everyone still gets the same access to unlimited calling and texting locally, but data charges will require $10 per 1GB. Like the individual plan, all members shall be charged in accordance with their data usage. In short, if you have been making extra payments for data that some members of your group plans don’t end up using, it is time to make the switch to Google Project Fi. With Fi, the unused data will be converted into cash which will then appear as a discount on the next billing.

The best part of Google Project Fi is how it makes life easy when it comes to managing the usage of data in your family. With the help of the Google Fi app, you will still find it a lot easier dealing with multiple people. The app assigns each member of the plan a unique color scheme thus making it easy to tell them apart by simply taking a glance. It is possible to pause the data usage for members that may be overdoing it, but this shouldn’t be anything strange as AT&T already offers a similar feature with its family plans.

project fi

However, it is only Google Project Fi that will let you set data allowances for each member of the group plan. Just like any other Google product, you get a very easy-to-use interface as well as instant notifications that should come in handy when it comes to monitoring the data usage of each person. The duties of monitoring data usage are not left entirely to the admin, but each member can also check their individual data usage.

Keep in mind that you need to have a Google phone in order to use Project Fi. However, not all Google phones support the platform, only a handful, including last year’s duo of Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, the 2014 Nexus 6 as well as the yet-to-be-released Pixel and Pixel XL. If you buy the 2015 models via Project Fi’s website, you get a discount of $100 on the Nexus 6P and $150 on the Nexus 5X, meaning they sell at $399 and $199, respectively.

So, if you have been asking yourself this question each month: where did all my data bundles disappear to? Well, it is time to kick out that phone plan you have been using alongside the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone handset and make the switch to Project Fi using any of the supported devices. Make sure you bring your family along too.

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