Apple Cars Are Not Coming Anytime Soon, Focus Moves to AutoPilot

Project Titan Apple Car

Apple had a really strong run in the technology division that triggered the company to focus on cars instead.

The ‘Project Titan’ was formed and they even hired a lot of Tesla executives to build cars with autopilot technology.Apple Car

With time, it became a much difficult proposition as they have to focus on making smartphone, tablet and the Macbook models. The company according to a recent update is not so keen on building cars but rather will push their research & development division to focus on creating real autopilot technology. Their strong rival in the department is Tesla and their Model S car. Tesla has already rolled out self-driving technology yet it is still in its nascent stage.

Latest reports from inside sources confirmed Apple is no longer interested in building a car of their own. The R&D team had over 1000 members in the past but in recent days, many of them were reassigned to different projects while a large group was terminated. The news comes as a surprising revelation that Apple would hire experts in the automobile industry only to terminate them later on.

Instead of trying to go the Google way where the search engine giant built their own self-driving cars, Apple has decided to partner with top automobile manufacturers and focus on adding their technology into different models. They have also hired experts in the autonomous driving sector to create a stronghold in the department. The brand already has Apple CarPlay equipped in almost all cars allowing passengers to readily connect their smartphones and tablets to the vehicle.

The tech giant looks forward to expand this further by introducing their maps, navigation system, among other technical aspects. While there is much criticism for investing so much in the automobile sector and not creating an actual car, the company will look for other ways to keep going forward. While they do have a strong presence in the existing industry, it might take some time to establish such a dominating role in the automobile sector.

Project Titan Apple Car

Apple is not an automotive company but a technology company which is why they have been floundering with this new project. However, the right partnership with some of the biggies including Mercedes, Honda, McLaren among others could put them in the right spot. Earlier rumors claimed Apple is planning to buy one of these automotive companies but was later brushed off as baseless speculations.

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