Deal Alert: T-Mobile Lists Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at $480 – You Save $120!

Amazon Deal for Galaxy S7 Edge

With just a couple of weeks standing between now and the official release of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, T-Mobile is at it again.

Not so long ago, the Magenta carrier slammed a $250 discount on the best smartphone of 2016 – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. At the time, this meant that the phone was trading at just $429. Now, with shipping of Galaxy S8 and S8+ expected to start on April 21, the carrier has now decided to jump in with another discount that brings the current $600 price of the Galaxy S7 Edge to $480. This means you save an impressive $120, which, even though not as huge as the previous discount, is still something worth taking home alongside such a great phone.

T-Mobile says that you don’t need to make a down payment in order to have the Galaxy S7 Edge, but the monthly payments are only asking for $20 for a period of two years. Still, you have the option of paying for the phone in full, with both cases arriving at the same total of $480. The carrier has listed the 2016 flagship in three color variants of blue coral, silver titanium and gold platinum.

Galaxy S7 Edge Coral Blue

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was named the best smartphone in 2017 at the Mobile World Congress 2016. Back in its prime days, the phone was valued at $760. Now that you have a chance to grab it at just $485, you might want to jump in and take this chance, especially since things might change sooner or later.

Alternatively, you can also sit back and wait for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. At T-Mobile, you will be able to grab the former at about $750 while the latter will be priced at $850.