Deal: Buy a New LG G4 with Leather Back for Just $274.99


Smartphone prices tend to drop by more than half their launch prices following the release of newer devices, especially their successors.

The LG G4 is such a device at the moment. Released June last year, this flagship still rocks some of the best smartphone specs you can find on any device out there. It gets even better when you look at the latest price tag that the device has been slapped with by a renowned eBay seller.

If you are after a decent smartphone that won’t make you break the banks, there is no need to start thinking mid-range. Of course, there are lots of excellent smartphones out there classified as mid-rangers and they offer some interesting features at very affordable prices. But the LG G4 is no mid-ranger. The phone is a 2015 flagship and as such, it carries top-of-the-table hardware and features.

Given that the LG G5, the phone’s successor, was released a few weeks ago, the price of this 2015 flagship has started dropping and it is doing so at an alarming pace. The LG G4 leather back model launched at a price of $610, however, you can now get it on eBay for as low as $275. This is one way of letting go of old stock, probably in readiness for restocking with the newer LG G5. If you check out the LG G4 with leather back on Amazon, the phone is currently priced at $339.99, which should mean you will be saving more than $60 with the eBay deal.


Just to highlight you on the goodies of the LG G4, the flagship comes with a 5.5-inch QHD display screen, a Snapdragon 808 SoC, a RAM of 3GB, a rear camera of 16MP and a front-facing selfie camera of 8MP, which should also promise high-quality video calling. As for the battery unit, you get a 3000mAh removable battery.

For any LG lovers out there, it couldn’t be a better time to grab yourself this G4 phablet as you wait for a similar drop in price for the newer LG G5 because it will come at some point, but probably next year.

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