DEAL: Buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Free Service for Just $449.99

Galaxy S7

If you believe in the virtue that patience pays, well, lucky you as there is an amazing deal for the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 and you are going to love it.

At launch, Samsung Galaxy S7 was priced at $649 without a contract. Even though volumes of people went ahead and bought this phone at this price tag, there are some who have been waiting for this chance and it is finally here. Apparently, you can now get a refurbished Galaxy S7 for a fee of just $439.99 and this includes free mobile service as well as shipping.

This is a deal you can find at Daily Steals and even though it is a pre-owned phone, you will be glad to know the FreedomPop wireless carrier will be offering free mobile services that include voice calls, SMS as well as data. You can make free Wi-Fi calls as well as send messages over the same 4G LTE data plan, but you don’t get charged for contracts or even canceling the agreement.

Samsung Galaxy S7 has been rated by many in the smartphone industry as the best phone around. For a price tag of just $450, you will be saving a whole $200 by not going through the usual channels. But since it is locked to FreedomPop, you will have to wait for at least 6 months before it is finally unlocked to support other CDMA and GSM carriers in the country.

If the deal the carrier is offering on data and calls is not your thing, there is room to pick from several other plans that suit your needs. However, keep in mind that this deal only includes 500MB of data alongside 500 SMS and 200 voice minutes. Daily Steals also has an offer, where it throws in an extra 1GB data, but this is a one-off offering and not monthly.

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Keep in mind that FreedomPop operates on Sprint’s infrastructure, a carrier that is considered to have the worst coverage in the country. So, while the deal might be impressive in terms of pricing, you might want to consider the type of coverage you get in your area.

Alternatively, you can still get the phone and wait for the six months before it is unlocked for use with other carriers. But why do this when you can simply wait for the said six months and then buy a new Samsung Galaxy S7 at probably the same price or maybe even cheaper? Well, as noted at the beginning, it is all about patience.

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