Deal: Google Pixel XL Offered at a Discount on Verizon Best Buy

google pixel xl

The Google Pixel XL may be one of the latest smartphones to hit the market, but it is already available with a discount – albeit a very small one.

Google’s online store prices the device at $770, thus making it as one of the most expensive offerings from Google so far. The company has priced itself on offering some of the best value for money product through the Nexus range, and the Pixel line-up represents a major shift. Verizon’s online store is also advertising the Google Pixel XL at a price of $770, but it is now available under a best buy plan for $744.

Google Pixel XL

This new price represents a mere $26 saving over the regular version, but it is still a saving nonetheless. The Google Pixel XL has already received a lot of positive reviews with the phone offering almost all the high-end specifications seen in competitive like Samsung and HTC so far. Offering a 5.5 inch display with QHD resolution and AMOLED technology makes the Google Pixel XL one of the best in this regard. One of the few disadvantages may be that the device is slightly thicker than the competition at 8.5 mm. However, the weight of 168 g is not a major issue for phones with such large displays.

The snapdragon 821 processor, which is a minor improvement over the 820 range, makes its presence felt on the device, as it has to run only the stock android without any bloatware or memory consuming graphics. The 4 GB of RAM offered on the device is more than sufficient to leave the user with a surplus even when running high end applications. This amount of RAM only leaves something to be desired when running more than three heavy games in the background. The processor and RAM configurations can be found on other devices, but what makes the Google Pixel XL more special is the presence of Android 7.1 operating system in its full glory.

google pixel xl

The device is offered with 32 GB or 128 GB of storage with no 64 GB option in between. This may be the biggest hindrance in terms of usability and pricing. Apart from the $26 saving, buyers who opt for the Verizon Best Buy will also be receiving a free Chromecast and a gift card worth $100. The actual deliveries of the phone will not begin until October 20. Buyers have the option of choosing between a silver or black colored phones.

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