Deal: Unlocked Apple iPhone 6S (16GB) available for just $299.99

iPhone 6S Plus

The Apple iPhone 6S is one of the best devices one can ever think of buying, if not the best (of course, the newer iPhone 7 should be many people’s best, so far).

However, many people have always been put off by Cupertino’s asking price for the phone. A quick look at the official Apple Store website will tell you that the entry-level iPhone 6S, although with 32GB, is currently selling at $549, down $100 from the initial asking price when it was launched over a year ago. While this might be a reduced price for some, many out there who would wish to own an iPhone still see this as a figure that would require breaking the bank.

Well, there is someone out there who has effectively heard your cries and as it is, the seller has valued the Apple iPhone 6S (16GB) version at just $299.99. This is a deal you can’t turn away, especially if you have been yearning to get your hands on any of Apple’s recent phones. The phone shares a lot with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 as well, but it is a much better option than anything behind it, including the immediate iPhone 6.

iPhone 6S

Even though the Apple iPhone 6S comes with four color variants, the seller only has three in stock – Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold. Furthermore, this offer only extends to the 4.7-inch model and not the 5.5-inch Plus variant. Unlike the one found on the official Apple Store, the model in question here is not new, instead, it is a seller refurbished variant and it comes with a warranty. The seller, BuySPRY, has a positive feedback of 98.3% on eBay and so far, 1900 units of this iPhone 6S handset have already been sold.

In short, hurry while the deal still lasts, but remember that this unlocked Apple iPhone 6S only works with GSM carriers, meaning Verizon and Sprint users are not on board. If you use T-Mobile or AT&T, this is for you!

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