Deal: Verizon Lists Google Pixel, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Moto Z Droid for $10/Month

Verizon Wireless

There is no better time to shop for a smartphone than the holiday season and Verizon Wireless is proving this right with some amazing deals on some of its best-selling devices like the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 7.

Starting today, anyone willing to make the jump to the largest carrier in the U.S. will have something to smile about as the carrier has some amazing deals to offer. The chances of landing a free flagship device are higher than ever, but this will need you to trade in a working device. However, as it has always been with trade-ins, it is not easy to walk away with a new flagship phone from a direct exchange of another working phone, especially if the latter is not in the best of conditions. However, walking into a Verizon Wireless shop this Friday with a flagship device that is still in great condition, you stand a chance to walk away with a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Moto Z Droid for free.

If you don’t have a flagship device to trade in, Verizon has some more offers for you. The carrier has put on offer some of its best-selling handsets of 2016 for just $10 per month, for 24 months. This means that you will end up paying a mere $240 after 24 months, but the deal is limited to four phones – Samsung Galaxy S7, Apple iPhone 7, the Google Pixel as well as the Moto Z Droid.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7

Keep in mind that this deal will only cover the entry-level models of the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as Apple iPhone 7. If you want a 128GB Google Pixel, Verizon will charge you $15 per month, same to the same variant of the iPhone 7. The high-end (256GB) version of the smaller iPhone 7 will cost you $20 per month, which is still a great deal considering you end up paying $480 instead of $850 for the same phone. Samsung Galaxy S7 and Moto Z Droid only come with 32GB models. However, the deal doesn’t involve the premium Google Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or iPhone 7 Plus.

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