Destiny 2 4K is Not Being Held Back on Xbox One X to Favor PS4 Pro

Destiny 2 4K

The difference in hardware between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X consoles are already showing up in rumors.

It is being said that Sony which has an exclusive deal with Activision is forcing the developers to not deliver true 4K graphics on the Microsoft console.

Destiny was a console exclusive until Destiny 2 was announced. The upcoming game is designed to be made available on all platforms including the newly announced Xbox One X as well as PC. The first person shooter was supposed to have released on PCs because no better way to experience such titles except for the keyboard, mouse combo. However, Activision and the console makers wanted to keep it on their own consoles so that it doesn’t lose the exclusivity factor that some gamers crave for.

Destiny 2 PC

The developers are now free to push the graphical capabilities of Destiny 2 which is gearing up for launch towards the end of the year. Despite the changes, they are still being constrained if we are to go by the rumors. Activision has an exclusive deal with Sony which they have to deliver by not providing too high graphics on the new Microsoft console. PS4 Pro can definitely handle 4K gaming at 30 frames per second but it would compromise on overall graphics because of dynamic resolution scaling while Xbox One X is slightly more powerful and can handle 4K much easier.

For the average gamer, it may hardly be visible on their televisions. But, the media and reviewers are sure going to compare Destiny 2 running on both platforms to showcase the difference. Anyone who purchased the PS4 Pro console may feel inferior even after spending $400 while the Xbox One X costs about $500. The developers in a statement confirmed that they didn’t receive any such notification and they are free to provide the best visual fidelity on every platform.

Destiny 2 4K

“We will never do such things. There is no need to reduce the visual capability of a game in order to please a partner. We have no such ideas and no one really asked us to do such things. Destiny 2 will look the best possible based on the hardware you are playing on. 30 FPS is something we have to be strict about because of the game’s massive scale, characters and environment,” said the developer. The capability of the CPU is the only thing that motivates them to increase or constrain the graphics.

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  1. People really could care less about the 30fps at this point because Bungie refuses to say that Destiny 2 will run at 4k on the Xbox One X. The entire internet is blowing up over it

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