Twitter Undergoes Major Redesign with Minimalistic Interface and New Settings Menu

Twitter Major Redesign

The team behind Twitter is working to make it more appealing to young users and newcomers who are interested in accepting it as their favorite social media platform.

The newest upgrade brings minimalistic redesign to the Twitter app which is welcomed by some while other users opine it alienates from the user experience they are used to.

The revamped design will be available on all platforms including mobile, desktop and web. At first look, it might look the same but a lot of work has done behind the screen to make the tweets look like they do now. The changes that can be found in the app include the typography that has been changed to give it a minimalistic appearance, the location of settings tab, icon designs and similar changes. The experience slightly varies for the iOS users .

ios media viewer and profile

If you like to access the settings menu, the process is to tap on your own profile icon and then on the gear icon to reach the page. All the basic and the most important options that one would use regularly will be found on the left side navigation bar. According to the designers at Twitter who pulled this off, the left sided approach allows them to reduce clutter and make it easier for users to quickly get to what they need. The new menu can now be accessed by swiping right to the home screen. Additional settings including privacy options, more accounts and profile information can be found here.

Some of the changes aren’t entirely new for Android because many things that you can find above has been rolled out to the Android version of Twitter a long time ago. For iOS users, it is a totally new add-on. The square profile icon has now been changed into a round one, the typography is now uniform and seamless throughout different areas of the app. The options including Trending Now and In Case you missed it is now bold making it easy to find it.

Twitter Major Redesign

Instead of the old curved arrow used to reply to tweets, the designers have incorporated a more icon friendly speech bubble. It is supposed to initiate conversation and look more intuitive for the user to click on it to reply to any tweet. The retweets and like counts are now being updated in real time along with the images posted on any tweet which will now open full screen instead of the earlier version which opens it in the middle of the window.

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