All Developers can now Publish Google Daydream VR Apps and Games

Google Daydream VR

The Google Daydream Virtual Reality (VR) platform has been around for a few months now, having been made official alongside the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones as well as the Daydream View VR headset back in October 2016.

Ever since Daydream VR came to life, Google has kept it close to its chests, allowing only select partners to publish their apps on the platform. The fact that only a few developers could publish their content for those already using the Daydream View VR headset on their Google Pixel phone meant that people had a very limited amount of content available. But Google wants this to change as it has now opened up the platform to other developers who have been waiting to show off their VR-based apps and games.

This announcement was made via the company’s Play Store Developer Console and also sent another communication through an email containing the same info to Daydream Access Program (DAP) partners. Like any other Android apps, all those who will be taking advantage of DAP will be able to publish their apps directly to the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that these apps will also go through the same approval procedures that other apps and games go through before being published on the Play Store.

Google Pixel Daydream View VR

As noted earlier, there was little to smile about for early Daydream VR adopters as the content was quite limited. Now that this is going to be bumped up in a matter of time, the world of virtual reality should now start making headlines like it actually should. Consumers will now have a reason to buy a VR headset and own a Google Pixel, ZTE Axon 7, or Lenovo Moto Z phone. Just recently, ASUS also announced the ZenFone AR smartphone that is also expected to join the party as a Google Daydream ready phone once it’s released in the coming weeks.

Are you excited about the new Daydream content that is set to rock your Google Play Store in the coming days? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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