Developers of ‘Overwatch’ Blizzard Issues Warning Against Using Mouse Keyboard for Consoles


The developers of Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch oppose using the mouse or keyboard while playing the game on consoles like the PS4 or the Xbox One.

The team behind the ‘Overwatch’ game has given a warning against using this trick of using the Mouse or the keyboard. Players use this trick, as it makes the game easier to play.


Disapproving Shady Practices

Jeff Kaplan, the director of the game ‘Overwatch’ has announced on the online forums of Blizzard Entertainment that the team behind Overwatch does not approve of using these kinds of peripherals. It disapproves the use of the Mouse or the keyboard while playing Overwatch on consoles. Kaplan has also stated that they are trying to dissuade players from indulging in such shady practices by informing Sony as well as Microsoft about this.

Raising Concerns

Sony and Microsoft are the manufacturers of the consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4, supporting the game and Blizzard Entertainment has brought the fact to their notice, about how frustrating it is to find games using the mouse and the keyboard for cheating on this new game, released just a year ago.

Kaplan has stated that the company will continue lobbying for these manufacturers to prevent the use of these peripherals, like the mouse, the keyboard and other conversion devices. Alternatively, the manufacturers can support the use of the peripherals for all the players. Kaplan has also requested all players to raise concerns with the console manufacturers and to state their concerns to them, though this should be done in a polite and respectful manner.

Warning Issued

Jeff Kaplan has also issued a warning in the forum regarding the use of the keyboard and the mouse by players using the Xbox One and the PS4. The players are using these through converters like the XIM and are able to use them in spite of the peripherals not being supported by the gaming consoles. With the help of this shady practice, the players are able to be more precise while aiming at a target using the pointer, as compared to the analog stick present in the gaming console, according to news from VG24/7. This is akin to cheating, so it is about time that Blizzard issues a warning to these players.

No Bans

However, it is only a warning and players who have made use of these aforementioned input devices have not been banned from playing the Overwatch. The developer has merely expressed his disapproval about the practice and does not want players to resort to such tricks, as it is not fair to other players. In another event, Blizzard Entertainment had banned about 20,000 players, as they had resorted to using some illegal hacking and cheating tricks to get some benefits in the game, according to Express.


Players Divided

However, the fans and players of the game continue to remain divided on the issue. Some players feel that in order to derive the complete experience of the game, one needs to make use of the keyboard or the mouse for support. It does make a lot of difference to the game, as the mouse or the keyboard makes it a lot easier to aim, when compared to the controller.

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