Lenovo’s Yoga A12 Android Tablet Cheaper Version of Yoga Book : For Work and Play

Lenovo Yoga A12

The Yoga A12 Android notebook or tablet, a budget version of the previous tablet, now follows Lenovo’s Yoga Book of 2016. It comes at a lesser price of $299.

The Yoga Book released last year was an ultra thin tablet running on Windows 10 and also Android. However, the new budget version, the Yoga Book comes in Android alone. The design as well as many other features is based on the Yoga Book, but it is cheaper.

Lenovo Yoga A12 Android Tablet

Similar Features on Yoga A12

The Lenovo Yoga A12 comes with the Halo keyboard, which is touch based, similar to the one seen on the earlier version, the Yoga Book. The Yoga A12 also promises to learn the user’s typing habits, again similar to the Yoga Book. However, the new Lenovo Yoga A12 lacks the pen integration features seen in the earlier costlier sibling released last year. This was a very interesting feature using the Wacom technological feature. It enables accuracy in the touchpad using a stylus and alternatively using a stylus for writing on the notebook using a pen. This feature of the Halo keyboard is missing from the current budget version, the Yoga A12.

Other Specs

Regarding the other specifications seen on the Yoga A12, it comes with a screen display size of 12.2 inches. It is powered by the Intel Atom x5 chipset and this is combined with a RAM of 2 GB. The internal storage of the tablet is 32 GG. The Yoga A12 runs on the same Android version as the Yoga Book. There is a multi window mode with three columns, enabling easy multi tasking.

No Watchband Hinge

Like other devices belonging to the Yoga family, the Yoga A12 comes with a hinge of 360 degrees, allowing it to be converted into a tablet. The earlier Yoga Book came with the watchband type of hinge, but the Yoga A12 has done away with this type of hinge. The 360 degree hinge is also equally functional, but it is not as attractive as the watchband hinge of the Yoga Book. The watchband hinge afforded the previous version, the Yoga Book, a classy touch making it a fit companion when placed next to your ancestral Rolex watch, for instance.

Availability and Price

The new Lenovo Yoga A12 will be on sale at the Lenovo site from the 8th of February this year. The device will be available in two color options, the Gunmetal Grey and the Rose Gold. The starting price of the device will be around $299 for the basic version.

Lenovo Yoga A12

For Android Only

The new Yoga A12 is only for Android and according to Lenovo, the company has offered the tablet/notebook for people who make use of Android as their primary OS and wish to get additional productivity from it. It is difficult to say whether it is a tablet or a laptop, but it is surely a cool device. It is a great piece of technology, in terms of its design and can be best described as being a book.

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