Dishonored 2 Tips and Tricks: How to Beat the Game Seamlessly

Dishonored 2

Arkane Studios was applauded very much for successfully combining stealth and action in their first installment, Dishonored.

The game’s sequel, Dishonored 2, which was launched on 11th November is already doing miracles: the oomph with which the players are trying to beat the game is just crazy. Gamers are already finding cheats, tips, and tricks through the action-adventure stealth video game.

Dishonored 2 is exceptional in the manner in which it lets the gamers to play their own ways. The game allows players go the violent way, clear everybody crossing their paths or choose a silent stealthy way of snitching and only aiming at the most significant targets. Emily is now involved more actively, the player can now decide to game as Emily or her father and bodyguard Corvo. In the Dishonored 2 prequel, Emily could only play with his father.

Only 11 days have elapsed since the game was launched but players from all corners of the world are madly looking for shortcuts to complete the game’s harder levels. The number of Dishonored gamers is quite large. The community includes gamers on PC Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of PC and was also released as a multi-platform game.

So far gamers have realized two pretty tricks to get the best out of Dishonored 2:

How to reduce damage intake

Gamers have found an awesome trick to limit the damages picked while exploring the game’s world. This particular trick is only effect when you got Emily in control and by using her double capability (doppelganger technique)-the technique creates a copy of her.  It can, therefore, be used to divert enemies’ attention and also to cut fall damages. According to player reports, if a player uses the doppelganger ability appropriately he will get no fall damages. While falling you can create a replica of Emily and instead of landing on the ground use the copy as a crash pad.

Dishonored 2

Complete the game without being detected

A player has reportedly completed Dishonored 2 successfully without being detected. According to the player, he took 32 hours to go through the whole game. The many hours were as a result of the time he spent hiding from the guards on patrol. He said that the secret to this technique includes using the high hiding spots to avoid being seen by the guards as well as using the towering spots to carefully trace their paths and making sure you are not spotted.

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