Latest Google Maps Update Targets Black Friday 2016 Shoppers

Google Maps 4.23.0 for iOS

It has been more than a year since users of Google Maps and Google Search started seeing suggestions of when stores, restaurants, and even bars will likely be busy during the day.

While this is a great feature that helps a lot in planning when to visit any of these places, Google Maps has added an even better feature that seems to be specifically targeting this coming Black Friday 2016 shopping spree. Starting today onwards, searching for a business on Google Maps will not only show you details of when the entity is basically crowded, but you also get more details on exactly is the store or rather business busy at the time of the search. This will tell you that a given store is full of buyers and the other is not that full and in this way, it becomes easy to pick which one to go to.

The upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and Cyber Monday will be full of deals and many will definitely be flooding different stores across the country to take advantage of the offers. With this update, Google Maps hopes that it will keep on bettering its services over close competitors in the market.

This is not the only update that the latest version of Google Maps brings to the fold. You will now be able to tell how long a typical stay will last at a given location using the place listings on both Maps and Search. This means that if you usually spend about one or two hours in a restaurant, you should be able to plan your day properly.

Google Maps

The updates for Google Maps are not yet over. Users of the new version will also be able to see a list of more complex opening hours where they will be able to tell when is the right time to hit the local food restaurant or the service hours at a nearby dealership.

Are you ready to get into the upcoming Black Friday 2016 shopping craze with Google Maps?

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