Disney Is the Latest to Jump into the Fray for a Possible Bid to Acquire Twitter

Twitter with Disney

Twitter’s acquisition is posing the question of ‘If it will be acquired’ rather than ‘who will acquire?’.

Just a few days after the company was on the verge of formally receiving bids from two big interested acquirers, Salesforce and Google, another new major firm has jumped into the fray.  According to a Bloomberg report, Disney is reportedly working with a financial adviser to figure out the best possible bid to acquire Twitter.

Twitter with Disney

Disney already owns ESPN and ABC, and it could look forward to acquiring a social media platform like Twitter to rank in all the content, especially when people have started canceling their cable TV subscriptions.

Twitter’s Suitability with Disney, ABC, and ESPN

Currently, ABC allows the users to watch its shows that are livestream on its website and in certain regions, with the ABC Overview, it also allows the users to watch the recent episodes that have been aired on. By buying Twitter, more than 300 million users who are already familiar with the service, will be automatically in.

Recently, Twitter was in the news for making Live video an important part of its media platform, especially when it came to sports, by signing a deal with NFL to livestream their Thursday night games across the site. Meanwhile, ESPN owns the rights to air the Monday Night Football matches. So there are a lot of points where this acquisition could work potentially well together.

Another fact is that the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is currently a member of the board at Disney, and this seems to make it easier to get potential access to Twitter.

Keeping in mind all these possible feasibilities, it certainly makes more sense that Disney should buy Twitter, as they make a better fit, than Google or Salesforce.

Google and Salesforce – Not a Good Choice for Twitter

Following the failure of Google+, Google is the most probable target when there is a purchase assumption since it is evident as to how much the company is trying to get it right on the social media platform. Speculation about Google acquiring Twitter had sprung in last summer when the stock value of Twitter went below $30 for the first time. Obviously, nothing of such sort happened then. So it has been assumed for many years now that Google is the potential acquirer of Twitter. However, Salesforce is the new player on the ground and it definitely doesn’t seem to be a better fit, given the fact that Twitter is a service that is driven by consumers, and Salesforce is the provider of cloud services for the firm.

Though the rumors regarding the acquisition of Twitter by Google and Salesforce shot up the value of Twitter at the end of last week by 20 percent, there was not much impact when the news regarding Disney was out. However, it was time to rejoice for the investors. The regular trading stock rose up by a 3.32 percent to become $23.37 for a single share. It was in December 2015, when the company had such a high trade.

Google and Salesforce – Not a Good Choice for Twitter

One thing which is clear about these acquisition rumors is that these news bits are shoring up the stock and share values of Twitter in such a way that the company had not witnessed it since a pretty long time.

Many news agencies had tried reaching out to Disney as well as Twitter for comments, but neither of the companies had given any response. Well, everyone is looking forward to this match made in heaven to really happen in the business market too.

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