Document Sharing Now Introduced for the WhatsApp Web Desktop App

WhatsApp Web

The IM biggie, WhatsApp had recently launched new desktop apps.

These apps are functional and available for both Mac and Windows versions of PC. The WhatsApp Web was launched first and almost after 14 months, the company released the WhatsApp desktop app. The commencement of the WhatsApp Web in itself was a big achievement for the firm, which marks the debut of the famous messaging app for the non-mobile podium. With this launch, WhatsApp is now available with its instant messaging services across all the communication platforms in the form of a simple app.

WhatsApp has been the most popular instant messaging service since it has been launched. The WhatsApp Web was introduced by the WhatsApp clan in last January.  The desktop services have been on a rise off late with the introduction of several new features and now currently WhatsApp Web has also rolled out many useful and interesting options.

Documents shared with the Desktop app

Document sharing has now become easier by using the WhatsApp web app. This feature was introduced early this year for the WhatsApp mobile app and now has been successfully applied to WhatsApp Web, the desktop app. A while ago, you could share and send photos, videos that were saved on your desktop or could even click a picture using the webcam facility and send it across by using the WhatsApp Web. Now it has been upgraded to share other types of documents, where the feature is found to be a part of the option available for attachments needed to attach and share webcam snaps, photos, and videos.

Document Sharing WhatsApp Web Desktop App

 The WhatsApp team had tried testing this recently updated feature of the WhatsApp Web and fortunately, it worked out right for either way of sharing the documents i.e. from the WhatsApp mobile app to the Web and from the Web to the mobile app. The mobile app included both Android and iOS based devices. However, during the testing, it was found out that a user will not be able to share or send a document from WhatsApp web unless and until the recipient is also equipped with the updated or latest version of the Android or iOS WhatsApp app.

FAQ’s not updated!

WhatsApp has not yet updated the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section for the WhatsApp Web app, which surely demands some flair. The FAQ page has only two options under the icon that stands for attachment. We foresee in the near future for WhatsApp to announce this feature officially along with other new updates for the WhatsApp app for mobile devices.

Scan the code!

While using the WhatsApp desktop app, alike the Web client, the users ought to scan a particular QR code, exactly the way it is done while accessing the WhatsApp app on a Smartphone. The users will have to open the WhatsApp app on the Smartphone and will need to look out for the Settings in the home page and then check for the WhatsApp Web menu. The QR code will be available there for scanning purposes. This ensures extra security and safety for the files and documents you share while using the app.

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