YouTube Updated with the Google Cardboard Support for iOS Users

Google Cardboard Support for iOS Users

The YouTube app has been recently updated by Google and has finally launched the Google Cardboard Support for iOS users.

This feature allows users with an iPhone to watch YouTube videos in the VR (Virtual Reality) mode via the Cardboard. This feature has been available for the Android users since last November and is now out for the iPhone users too. The iPhone users can now just slip their mobile devices into the Cardboard slot and experience the mesmerizing 3D exposure

Just a week before the launch of this iOS update for YouTube, Google had updated and fixed the bugs related to the video streaming app. The bug that had been fixed was to rule out the loading of videos on the Home Page while scrolling them down till the bottom. The last update even allowed the users to auto-play the next favored video on the app.

Support for 360-Degree Video Content

YouTube had introduced support for a 360-degree video feature in last March. This feature lets the users create videos for a whole 360 degrees and uploads these taped videos on YouTube. The viewers can now watch the videos by analyzing it and by changing the angles as per their convenience. The user will just have to rotate the phone for different angles in a 360 degree mode to view the videos from various angles. Similarly, on the desktop, the users will have to click the mouse on the video and drag it to a well-suited angle. This April, YouTube even went on to propose support for the 360-degree video live streaming.

This feature makes track for an inventive approach to the YouTube content makers and also for the occasion coordinators who help in live streaming the critical shows and projects in 360 degrees. The iPhone customer ground might also increase further due to the introduction of the Google Cardboard support feature. Now a lot more people can view the 360-degree videos on YouTube via the VR headsets for an extensively enticing experience.

Stupefy with VR Experiences!

A low-grade virtual reality (VR) experience is out for the iPhone users. Google has updated YouTube iOS app to let the users watch the videos on YouTube by using the Google Cardboard. The Google Cardboard VR headset has had a tight-lipped victory since its launch in 2014 summer. It is a major success with fans would otherwise prefer to get a load of their own goggles or devices, rather than pouring out hundreds of dollars for a better and efficient device.

YouTube Updated with the Google Cardboard Support for iOS Users

The 360-degree angle viewing for the videos has let the users of Google Cardboard to have an ecstatic experience than watching a normal video which now seems appalling. This feature also allows the video to be split into two, one for each eye of the user wearing the Google Cardboard device, to offer a fascinating gaze of the whole picture.

Here is How to Activate Google Cardboard on the iPhone!

Many iOS users are unaware of how to use this new updated feature on their iPhones. All the user has to do is follow a few clicks to activate the Google Cardboard on the iPhone. Firstly select the tiny drop-down option for the menu which is available at the right hand corner of the screen. From here select the option for Cardboard mode. Now place your iPhone into the slot of your very own created medium for the Google Cardboard or the de novo device that has been brought online. And now have an alluring experience. Without a doubt, there are many more devices like the iCandy VR goggles that also work just right. Though it is made of plastic, it still is efficient and a thrilling alternative.

Cardboard features for Android

Google first brought in the Cardboard feature by adding the VR support option to the Android version of YouTube. And now after months of trial, it has arrived for the iOS version of YouTube. This feature was markedly missing for iOS all the time. By choosing the small icon for Cardboard that is available under any video, viewers can lay their eyes on a 360 degree angle for watching videos in a virtual reality environment by using one of the most straightforward cardboard devices. The videos can also be watched by using the VR headset even on a flat screen exactly like a big-screen TV by creating a VR ambiance.

Google Cardboard is the only option to have a mobile virtual reality experience for Samsung’s Gear VR which is supported by the latest Samsung flagship mobile devices. Disposable and low-cost headsets were working right only for the Android based mobile devices at the time of launch. Another version was launched in 2015 supporting the iOS platform. Presently, both the platforms are supporting apps like the NYTVR (The New York Times Virtual Reality) journalism program. Placidly, Google looks forward to introducing all the latest features to the Android base first.

YouTube seems to be the most logical and well-suited fit for the Google Cardboard, which offers the best experience with a brief and precise scenario. There have been rumors doing the rounds that Google might be launching a new “Android VR” domain sometime late this week. However, launching the Cardboard for video streaming service to the iOS platform puts forward that Google has not yet given up on the Cardboard feature yet.

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