Dolby Vision Vs HDR10+ Battle Heats Up with New Logo, Samsung Supports It

Dolby Vision Vs HDR10+ Battle Heats Up with New Logo, Samsung Supports It

The technology world has always faced a situation every decade or so when similar technologies emerge.

Dolby Vision and HDR10+ is one such situation where both compete for your living room space.

For those who are new to situation, both these technologies offer enhanced color reproduction in movies and games. For filmmakers, it’s a dream come true as when they make use of the technology they have complete control over scene or even each frame as they can choose to provide more color saturation or change the color tone as required to provide the best experience.

Dolby Vision Vs HDR10+ Battle Heats Up with New Logo

After introducing 4K UHD resolution which is the highest jump an average consumer could experience today, the industry wants you to get the best possible colors. Dolby Vision is ahead with multiple partnerships and support on a wide range of televisions. However, Samsung and Panasonic never joined the fray so far.

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At CES 2018, the manufacturers joined the lot by announcing that all their future televisions will support HDR10+ technology as they find it to be superior and the industry standard. The pricing and availability of their televisions were not announced. However, they are sure that it is the right way to watch movies and experience immersive colors. The technology which was still in its nascent stage has received an official logo.

More importantly, one of the biggest companies in Hollywood, 20th Century Fox has agreed to release all their future blurays with support for this technology. Amazon Prime Video has signed a membership with the group and confirmed that many of their future content will be displayed using the HDR10+ technology.

Dolby Vision Vs HDR10+ Battle Heats Up with New Logo, Samsung Supports

From a consumer’s perspective, it is difficult to understand as to why two different technologies are being promoted by the manufacturers as Dolby Vision and HDR10+ are both designed to deliver the same saturated colors. With big players like Samsung and Panasonic on board, it looks like the war is about to heat up.

When the Bluray and HD DVD war came to an end, only one disc managed to remain relevant and even that was destroyed by Sony as they stopped it from being adopted in masses so as to favor the Playstation 3 console. It is only possible to hope that no such issues happen once again and if you are planning to buy a 4K UDH television, it is good to skip HDR technology or wait for them to confirm which one is going to be widely used.

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