Dota 2 6.88 Gameplay Update Brings New Changes to Heroes

Dota 2 6.88

A huge update has been rolled out for Dota 2.

The gameplay update titled 6.88 is going to change the way players experience the MOBA one more time as almost every hero has received a significant modification.

Some heroes are nerfed so that they are not too powerful in the battles while many melee heroes are made stronger than they used to be. The list is really long but we will cover some of the most popular heroes so that you can get a clear idea of what to expect.

Anti-Mage can now mini stun using his mana void ability. It has been increased from the existing 0.15 to 0.3. Bloodseeker now has an increased rupture damage which is now at 26%, 42% and 60%. The cooldown on the BloodRite ability has now been reduced to 25, 21, 17 and 13. Crystal Maiden is a popular support hero and one of the most wanted heroes in competitive matches for her mana ability. The radius of the crystal nova ability is now increased to a larger 425 radius area and the frost bite coverage is now increased to 525 radius.

Dota 2 6.88 Heroes

Turn rate has always been a major issue for many heroes in Dota 2. It determines how soon your character reacts when there is a fight, be it to attack or simply escape the scene. Drow Range now has her turn rate improved to 0.7 which makes it easier to control her. Usually, it is much easier to get kills using her frost arrows. The slowdown for this ability is further increased to a massive 64% making it extremely difficult for any hero in her target to escape death.

Another newbie hero Lich is now a better hero to pick as his ice armor attack speed slow is now at 30 while the chain frost slow is up to 50% making it extremely difficult to escape a well-timed ultimate attack. Outworld Devourer has increased mana bonus at 125/200/275/350 while arcane orb intelligence steal duration is increased to 60.

Phantom Assassin is already a powerful character in Dota 2 with her renewed strikes. She can now jump on spell immune heroes using the phantom strike ability making it easier to get kills. It could change the tide of the battle and the only way to counter her is probably to use magical attack damage that kills Phantom quicker than other types of attacks.

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