Dota 2 – The Best Moments From The Internationals Tournament

Dota 2 – The Best Moments From The Internationals Tournament

Even those who are not overtly familiar with the world of Dota 2 and its heroes might find the Internationals 2016 event interesting.

Such matches are usually hard to witness because it happens only when the pro teams come together to fight for their glory. Navi and Alliance were the most dreaded enemies in the TI3 matches. They had the opportunity to compete and test their skills against an equal opponent. Puck, a crowd favourite hero managed to cancel the teleportation of multiple heroes at once that led to the failure of Navi that year.

Another similar match in TI2 had Navi facing the IG where they had to successfully escape the Naga Siren’s song which briefly makes all heroes immovable for a period of time. As soon as the time ends, they were supposed to unleash their ultimate powers on Navi and kill them all. But, every last hero in the game managed to escape it and came back with all their strength to wipe out the entire team. While it’s kind of old by now, it is still fun to watch and should let new professionals understand what team game is all about.

Earthshaker is an amazing hero who has the power to break a game and wipe off the entire enemy team. It’s all about timing the echo slam. In the TI5 between Evil Geniuses and CDEC, the particular hero jumped into the Roshan pit and slammed onto the ground. The maximum damage is acquired based on the number of people around. With all five players inside, CDEC was wiped clean immediately except for one.

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Navi’s star player Dendi is known for his amazing skills with Pudge and timed hooks. When they fought against Alliance in the final match of the TI3, they decided to go to whole new level. While it is not definitely something a pro player would do, it ensured that they had the upper hand and led them to their victory. Dendi would pull an unsuspecting player to the spot where he is standing and Chen who has the power to send players to the base will instantly teleport them. The unsuspecting enemy will instantly be killed by turrets in the base.

So many such matches have taken place during the Internationals and the new Internationals 2016 edition is now underway. It has a huge prize pool at nearly $20 million one of the biggest in eSports history.

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