GTA 5 Bags Number One In UK Charts, Uncharted 4 Pushed To Second

GTA 5 Bags Number One In UK Charts, Uncharted 4 Pushed To Second

In a completely surprising situation, the game which is already three years old has found its way to the top position in UK sales charts. GTA 5 has managed to beat the PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End.

Rockstar developed Grand Theft Auto series is known for its longevity. There are still people who play GTA San Andreas for its amazing open world gameplay and even GTA Vice City even though it was released more than a decade ago. The same is applicable for GTA 5, a game that introduced the brand new narrative style. Players had the opportunity to play three different characters and experience the huge world of Los Santos from multiple perspectives.

It was originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. A later announcement confirmed the game is coming to Xbox One and PS4 consoles after which PC gamers had the last iteration of the title. Rockstar tried to make it worthwhile by introducing first person view, 4K resolution and complete mod support. But, even with all these reasons, it is tough to see an old game climb back to the top position in the UK sales charts.

Uncharted 4

All the details pertain to the physical disc copy of GTA V and doesn’t include digital sales. The game probably is making more money on Steam, Xbox Store and Playstation Store. It is good to see that the same amount of importance is being given to physical discs in an era where optical drives are slowly fading out of relevance.

Following GTA 5 in the first position is, Nathan Drake’s adventure title Uncharted 4 and Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens in the third position. Overwatch, the MOBA by Blizzard is in the fourth position followed by FIFA 16. EA is getting ready to launch FIFA 17 soon which might dethrone the game in a couple of weeks.

Other titles in their respective sales order are Rocket League, Doom, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and there’s Minecraft in the last position. Minecraft on Xbox One is a popular game in UK and continues to witness amazing sales. It is one of those never ending worlds like No Man’s Sky where you can build, survive and make some amazing discoveries. A highly addictive game without a doubt especially with the online community sprawling with a huge number of players and modders. More mods are heading to GTA 5 along with an official DLC this month.

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