Dota 2 Dark Rift Update Introduces New Hero Underlord And New Post Game UI

Dota 2 Dark Rift Hero Underlord

Valve has released a new update for Dota 2 as promised during the Internationals 2016.The update named Dark Rift introduces a new hero Underlord, brand new post-game user interface among other new features.

Underlord is a new strength hero who increases the total number of heroes available in Dota 2 to a massive 111 and will soon be joined by Monkey King. The strength hero is a combination of many aspects like support, nuker, durable and disabler. He’s got a mix of powers and a team friendly ultimate which should make him quite popular in the pub matches.

As soon as the hero was revealed in the latest update, nearly every match as underlord in the one of the team. Players are eager to see how he works and use his abilities to lead them to victory. Firestorm is the first attack which calls down waves of fire that damages enemies in the area and deals more damage over the time.

Dota 2 Dark Rift Update

Heroes with low health like lion, sniper, lina, riki or zeus can easily die if they stay too long within the specified area. In order to prevent them from escaping, underlord can use the pit of malice. A pit will pop up at the location and any hero who walks into it will be trapped for a specific amount of time. Each hero will be stunned only once but it’s usually more than enough time to bring the firestorm on them.

Another passive, atrophy aura increases the damage gain of the under lord every time he kills a creep and it stacks. Enemy heroes in his vicinity will lose their damage up to 42% making him a killer machine against strength and other heroes who rely on damage level. The ultimate named the dark rift will pick all friendly heroes within a specific area and teleport them to another friendly unit’s location.

It is the best pick for team fights and to gank enemies at the most unexpected moment. The post-game summary has been completely revamped which is amazingly stylish and provides a clear picture of the match. It is much more sophisticated and portrays each hero with a portrait of their own. New features have been added to the overview screen, score board and graphs. A teammate stats feature now allows you to know your victory records with a friend and all stats related to it.

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