Dota 2 Gets New Hero Underlord And New Post Game UI On Aug 23rd

Dota 2 Gets New Hero Underlord And New Post Game UI On Aug 23rd

The Internationals 2016 edition is going at a brisk pace keeping all Dota 2 fans excited to the core.

Valve has boosted the excitement further by revealing a brand new hero.

Named the Underlord, the new hero was launched during a fun match between an assorted set of players last night. The game was supposed to pit all the best players on both teams and let them experiment with the heroes as they like to. They were surprised to find a new hero Underlord in the list. With the launch, the game now has about 111 players making it one of the largest rooster in the MOBA genre.

Valve has confirmed that Dota 2 gamers around the globe will be able to play as underlord within a week’s time. An update is scheduled to be rolled out to PC gamers on August 23rd. The update will bring the new hero as well as a brand new user interface for the post game display. The hero has some interesting skills and he has the potential to change the game unlike Arc Warden who is someone we don’t see much in pub or pro matches.

Dota 2 Gets New Hero Underlord And New Post Game UI

Underlord is a powerful caster who can trap enemies in the pit creates and his spell over enemy heroes will deal tremendous damage over time. Puny heroes like Zeus, Enchantress, Shaman or anyone with low health might probably find it tough to survive in a match that has Underlord. He can also pick the attack power of an enemy as soon as the character is dead. The ultimate capability of Underlord is that he can teleport an entire team to an allied tower or creep, similar to having a teleport boots on all five of them.

With the latest addition, the Dota 2 roster is complete. All the heroes that were originally created from Warcraft by Ice Frog has been recreated and provided in the new game. With the list done, it is time to focus on creating new heroes. At the moment, we are not sure if Valve will take up the job or let ice frog get creative with his ideas.

Dota 2 has hardly relied on the number of heroes they have. The game has the same map for many years yet it continues to attract at least a million gamers or more every month. The game’s prize pool has been consistently growing suggesting that it has a long life ahead.

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