Nintendo NX Console To Feature Gesture Controlled Gaming


The brand is leaving no stones unturned for their upcoming Nintendo NX console.

While they are tight lipped about the upcoming console, patent filing has revealed some interesting information.

A couple of patents have leaked in the past which confirmed that the Nintendo NX console is going to be a home device as well as a portable gaming machine at once. Players will be using a tablet like device, similar to the one introduced by Razer in the past. It uses Tegra processor on the inside and will have enough ports so that you could connect it to the television to start gaming. When you leave your house, all that is to be done is to attach the detachable controllers and game on the go.

The idea sounds interesting especially with the lineup of exclusive new launches Nintendo NX is going to have. They are not only going to make a two in one device but also introduce gesture controlled gaming for the first time. Nintendo is known for innovating the way players interact with the game. Wii was such an amazing way to experience every title with nunchuks that took the gaming industry by storm. The console won over the world despite two biggies ruling the roost, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Nintendo NX Console To Feature Gesture Controlled Gaming

Nintendo NX might recreate the same effect one more time and bring back the oomph factor lost during the days of Wii U. Players will be focused using infrared cameras mounted on the tablet like main device. They have to directly move their hands over the camera. For example, if you are playing a racing game, just pretend you are holding a steering wheel and steer. The movements will be recorded and reflected back on the screen.

Sounds quite cool on paper and if Nintendo manages to bring it to the real hardware on launch, it might give a tough competition to the upcoming Xbox Scorpio and the unconfirmed PS5. Nintendo NX is not going to be about HD resolution or state of the art gaming. They have also focused on the fun of gaming with Super Mario, Donkey Kong and other classic characters. The same nostalgic touch is about to be carried out with the next gen console hardware as well.

When enquired about the console during the E3 2016 event, the company’s head refused to comment as others might copy their ideas. Let’s just wait till the official reveal.

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