Dota 2 The Internationals 2016 Officially Begins, TI17 Announced

Dota 2 The Internationals 2016

The Dota 2 The Internationals 2016 tournament with nearly a $20 million prize pool has just commenced.

Valve has already announced the official dates for TI 2017.

The company in their statement confirmed that they are going to reduce the number of matches from three to two. They are going to cut down on one big tournament but it is unclear as to the one they will choose to eliminate. The idea is to allow smaller Dota 2 tournaments to flourish and also give fans time to rest before they get ready for a big one towards the end of the year.

While MOBAs were simply fun games in the past, things changed when Valve brought Dota into the picture. Defense of the Ancients it is started off as every other title but has now grown unprecedented heights. The event garnered nearly $19 million last year and it has surpassed the record this year setting a new benchmark for every other game out there.

Dota 2 The Internationals 2016 Officially Begins

Almost all the tournaments which are part of the Internationals 2016 are being relayed live on both Youtube and Twitch. They are available in all beer stomp venues located around the globe. If you love games and like to watch it with an amazing crowd, you should head to one of these PC gaming centers. They are fun to watch along with friends and you can cheer as your favorite teams continue to win.

Team A is fighting for the moment. OG has already managed to beat LGD Gaming in their first match. The number of kills between these two teams was quite high. Yet, LGD managed to defend their base for a very long time until they had to just give up. Team B is also going to fight for the glorious prize pool. Within a couple of days, we will have the quarter finalists and the semi-finalists next.

The huge prize has made heads turn and it might soon be replicated by many other games in the same genre. League of Legends is one big contender with over sixty million monthly players. Dota 2 is relatively low in numbers but it continues to enjoy such fan support and people buy those items in-game which led to such a prize pool. Winning millions of dollars is no easy task and only the best team may win this year. You should probably watch it live to enjoy the excitement as it happens.

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