Will D.Va Be Removed From Overwatch Lucio Ball?


Overwatch developers Blizzard recently released a new soccer game named Lucio Ball.

Inspired by Rocket League, the game pits heroes in a football stadium where they use their powers to push the ball into their respective goals.

The game is all about Lucio and D.Va was never to make an appearance in the game. Some game glitch has ensured that the hero randomly showed up in the game. It was a fun glitch because the guy who captured the player in action seems to be enjoying the hero. With her ability to be in two places at once, it is quite easy to navigate the ball to the goal post.

Named Blame The Controller, the player has posted a full length video. It shows D.Va in action busy navigating the ball through the field. She is easily an all-star character in the Lucio Ball. Overwatch players are in love with the star because of her ability to dominate the battlefield. With her special abilities, soccer has become fun and simply addictive for the entire team on board.

Overwatch Lucio Ball

If you are going to play the Lucio Ball with Widowmaker, the game becomes extremely grim. According to the game’s storyline, D. Va is already a fictional esports player and if she is going to become a soccer superstar, it just gets more interesting.

Overwatch developers Blizzard are celebrating the Olympics event taking place in Rio, Brazil. Commemorating the big event, they introduced new loot packs and a revamped main menu screen. Whenever you open the loot box, there is a chance to receive special Olympics inspired skins for your favorite heroes. Besides, there are new things to purchase in-game and to find when you complete quests.

The entire sports themed approach has given Overwatch a new look even though the game and the maps are the same. The Lucio Ball is a limited time soccer game which can be played in 3 versus 3 matches. It is very similar to Rocket League but instead of using cars, you can use guns and other player abilities to control the ball.

There are jump pads to help you cover the entire ground in a short span of time and the side walls boost your running speed to reach the ball in a matter of seconds. The game takes place for four minutes and whichever team has the highest score by the end of the time will win. Check out the video below with D. Va in Lucio Ball.

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