Dota 2 matchmaking update


The latest Dota 2 update is not exactly what we wanted but it’s the update we needed. Once again, Valve focuses on improving the quality of our life by taking actions against the people that ruin the fun for us. That’s why this update is mostly targeted at the Matchmaking system. Let’s take a brief look at some of the highlights of it.

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  • The first big change is related to party matchmaking. From now on, if someone from a party is Divine or Immortal, all the other players in it will also be counted as if they have the same rank. The idea behind this is to make party games more equal.
  • If you queue alongside four people, you will only be able to imitate other people who are doing the same. This was a needed change because there were many situations where this did not happen.
  • A very interesting change is that Valve aims at not allowing the support players to be the highest MMR in a game. Whether or not this change is for the better is still up in the air. However, according to Valve, the community disliked the previous “status quo”
  • We are finally getting our five-star medals back! Needless to say, this will also reflect on the “rebalance” of the current MMR.
  • Unfortunately, your highest Dota 2 medal that you’ve earned throughout the season is not safe. Now, it will adjust according to your current MMR, which means that it is possible to downgrade it, depending on your performance.

Other smaller changes

  • From now on, the post-game screen will have some additional information such as the Behaviour score, the max queue times and other kinds of stats.
  • The players will have the chance to rate their experience from the given game. Whether or not this is useful is debatable but it seems like Valve is trying to get as much feedback as possible from their players.
  • One of the coolest changes in the new patch is that the players who have a behavior score lower than 3000 can’t use the voice chat anymore. This might seem harsh at first glance but it will actually help them because they won’t be able to flame that much.
  • If you are playing party, the maximum MMR spread between a party has to be 2k. This means that your 7k MMR friend can’t help you if you are below 5k.
  • Last, but definitely not least, some of the reporting methods will be removed. According to Valve, they proved to be inefficient and misleading. We can’t really say that we are surprised by this because let’s face it, people report other players for no reason in most cases.

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