Dota 2 Qualifiers Conclude For The International 2016

Dota 2

Valve in their official page announced that the Dota 2 qualifiers for the Internationals 2016 event has concluded. The teams to participate in the final event has been selected.

Apart from the six teams who got a direct invite to the tournament including the popular OG, Team Liquid and Navi, there are eight different teams who are going to the big event to compete against some of the best Dota 2 players around the globe. According to the official list, the teams who have won the open and the regional qualifiers are,

  • Team Secret
  • Alliance
  • Wings Gaming
  • Vici Gaming Reborn
  • TNC Gaming
  • Fnatic
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Digital Chaos

A total of fourteen different teams are now ready to compete at the International 2016 tournament. It is directly hosted by Valve, the developers of Dota 2 and also has a huge prize pool which is usually in millions. The money is procured by offering special content for gamers who purchase the international season pass. All the profit is then moved to the prize pool and will be distributed to the winning team.

Dota 2 Qualifiers

Two more slots are open for the last wild card winners to join the slot. The group stage match is ready to kick off in five weeks. The entire Dota 2 community is immensely excited because it is the biggest event of them all. Even though, there is the Manila Major and ESL among many other tournaments, the International 2016 is special because of the prize pool. Besides, it is also hosted by the developers of the title.

All the teams might be practicing already. OG is a new entrant who’s already ruling the Dota 2 tournaments. Their amazing performance have ensured a direct invite for the final matches and the same goes for Navi, Newbee, Team Liquid and MVP Phoenix. The list also included LGD Gaming. All these teams didn’t have to prove themselves because of their excellent track record and are allowed to directly compete for the prize money. It is going to be one exciting tournament this year and we can’t even guess who might be the winner because there could always be a surprise entrant.

You can even watch the tournament live when it begins over Twitch and directly by logging on to the Dota 2 servers. The events can be watched from within the game live with commentary in multiple languages. And, Valve’s head Gabe will be there to host the first tournament.

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