Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free For Complete Data Protection


Can you think of a world without your smartphone or computer! Given their increasing popularity, it is actually impossible to function without these gadgets. The same also holds true for other devices such as camcorders, pen drives, digital cameras, micro card and many more each of which come with its own set of advantages. But this dependency also opens up greater chances of succumbing to data threats if these devices ever malfunctions or fails to retrieve the stored data. You can, however, be completely protected from all such threats by using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

People usually shy away from data recovery software as they present a stringent learning curve. But this is not the case with EaseUS which has been specially designed to cater to both amateurs and professionals alike. Its clutter-free interface receives the backing of self-explanatory menus making navigation seem like a cakewalk. And once you have downloaded and launched the application, you can use it to scan the affected storage devices and recover the lost data.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free scans the data in two different modes of quick scan and deep scan.

  1. Quick scan, as the name implies conducts a first-hand examination of the selected files and folders in search of the lost data by following basic algorithm.
  2. This is followed by Deep scan, which takes a detailed look at the entire storage device sector by sector for presenting better recovery results.

Once you are done with the scanning, you can export the results by simply clicking on Export Scan Status. The results can also be imported back later on by clicking on the Import Scan Status button. This feature is exceptionally helpful if you wish to carry on with the data recovery process after taking a break for some time. The resultant data can be previewed before actual restoration. This helps in preventing unwanted restoration of redundant data. You can filter the files according to location and type for selecting the ones you actually need to recover.

By default, EaseUS Data Recovery tool offers users the possibility of recovering up to 500MB of data. However, you can cater to an additional requirement of 1.5GB by simply sharing this ingenious tool with your friends and relatives over social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can do the same by simply clicking on the share button which is present at the top right corner of the interface.

If you are someone who deals with a variety of file types, then EaseUS software can provide you with holistic solutions pertaining to data recovery. It is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac systems and requires 128MB RAM, 32MB disk space and x86 CPU for its smooth operation. You can avail this versatile tool in several languages including French, Dutch, German, Chinese, etc.

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