Galaxy S11: Samsung Busy Developing One UI 2.1 Based on Android 10

Samsung Galaxy S11 One UI 2.1

With the release of the Android 10 OS, most smartphone manufacturers have gone about developing the matching user interfaces for their devices.

Samsung’s One UI 2.0 beta has already been rolled out to some of its latest flagship smartphones and more devices are expected to get the upgrades soon. With the Samsung Galaxy S11 series smartphones to be released next year, Samsung is developing a separate version of the user interface, One UI 2.1. The current understanding is Samsung will continue to let the current Samsung Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Note 10 series phones operate on the One UI 2.0 skin. Wherever beta versions are sent as upgrades, the stable version will be sent in due course.

Samsung Lets Out Details on the Firmware Development

Smartphone makers identify their models internally through codes. Accordingly, Samsung identifies the Samsung Galaxy S11 with the model number SM-G986B. Samsung informs that the firmware development for this device is currently underway. This is the model that the company plans to sell with the 5G capability and meant for the wide international market.

SM-G981 and SM-G988 are the codes for the other two 2020 models, the Samsung Galaxy S11e and the Samsung Galaxy S11+ respectively. By current indications, Samsung plans to launch all its S11 devices with the 5G feature enabled. Top companies keep changing these strategies. The market is hoping that by next year, the availability of 5G services will be fairly widespread and the market should be able to absorb the devices. Some of the other brands like Apple too hopes to have all three iPhones of 2020 5G-enabled.

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Speculation on Release Date of the Galaxy S11 Series

Samsung has followed the practice of launching its S series flagships in February every year. Next year too, there is no reason why it should change this practice. Someone out there believes that the exact launch date could be February 18. The reason for speculating this date is to explain that with this kind of schedule, the company gets approximately four months from now to develop the firmware for the devices. The company has not shared what new features are being added to the One UI 2.1.

Regarding the device, there are some leaks claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a 108MP sensor as the primary shooter, with 5x zoom capability. There is a rumor that the phones may have screens with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

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