Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Introduces the New Stat QQ Bang Feature    

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a role play fighting video game that you can play on PlayStation 4 and other other eighth generation gaming consoles.

Set in a 3D battle arena, the game features 68 playable characters and five races. To play the game, one makes use of four body parts comprising hands, feet, upper body and lower body. These are usually referred to as four basic equipment.

The QQ Bang is a recent update that has been added to a player’s stats and armor to help him or her score better when the game is played wisely. You can use this stat system as a substitute for the current stats of your body equipment. To access a bang or create a new one, head straight to Capsule Corporation and make your way straight to the Cloth Mixing Shop that is located adjacent to Bulma. Make a new bang there by mixing any two equips or equipment.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Before you start the mixing or fusing process, it is advisable that you make an in depth study of the stars (also called tiers) on the left side of each equip. The more the number of stars, greater are the chances for you to achieve higher stats for your QQ Bang. Five stars is the maximum rating. After you choose the equipment for your bang, you will have to clothe it. To do this, you must add a material to the QQ Bang. Choose two articles of clothing that you do not have and put it into the mixer along with a mixing item. This is a consumable or an item that is for sale. By giving you the flexibility to choose the clothing materials and mixing item, you can design a character that best explains your style and personality.

Not only can a QQ Bang assist in boosting your bang stats, but it also increases the value of specific stats like health and stamina that you will need in the course of the game to become the greatest Time Patroller. By doing a wise matching process, you can additionally lower some stats that you are not likely to use much by a small value. Apart from contributing to the stats value, a QQ Bang ensures that the game players feel comfortable by allowing them to wear the attire of their choice coupled with their preferred stats. In addition, you can use QQ Bangs to replace the normal stats in your clothes instead of the basic equips. When this happens, it does not matter which clothing is opted for as it will not be taken under consideration.

A QQ Bang enhances the stats of your Time Patroller by increasing it to four times its current value. For example, if the Patroller has +5 value for its energy stat, then applying the QQ Bang magnifies this value to 20. The same works well for stats with negative values also. If by chance, your health stat has a -4 rating, then using the QQ Bang changes its value to -16. Although not very beneficial, you can also have a QQ Bang with absolutely no stats at all. When this is the case, you will be making use of only the other stats or attributes and are unaffected by the clothing chosen. It is worth bearing in mind that QQ Bangs take priority over your clothing. So, if your clothing has some really good stat bonuses, you may want to use them instead of the QQ Bangs.

Tips to Create an Effective QQ Bang              

 If you use the same combination always to create a QQ Bang, this will be reflected in your game and the result will also be similar each time. Hence, it is a good idea to do some meddling about and do a mix and match. Do keep a record of each grouping as it can help you work out on creating better combinations. Here are some suggestions to get started.

Attempt on getting a mix of Sensu Beansprouts and Hercule Badges. Try on getting a higher count of the badges. This combination often helps in achieving a high score.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Introduces QQ Bang

Lay your hands on as much farm clothing as possible. To receive these, feed as many as yellow colored Buus in the Majin Buu character’s house. This can be time consuming, but will eventually pay off. You can try out same or different combinations of clothing.

If farm clothing is not your cup of tea, then try dressing yourself up in some rare clothing. These can also help. Some examples are Gogeta, Broly and Mira and Towa sets.

Wind up the game forcibly if you think your stats are drastically low. Check your stats and close the game without clicking OK. Restart the game and you will not lose your materials acquired so far.

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