Twitter Introduces Welcome Message and Quick Replies Features to Direct Messages to Enhance Customer Service

Twitter Connecting with the Brands

Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging site has rolled out two exciting features namely the Welcome Messages and the Quick Replies in its Direct Messages.

Twitter has mentioned in its blog post that it is very excited to announce these two new features which will help in enhancing the conversational experiences and also speed up the customer service, which will help in creating better outcomes with the businesses guiding people by combining human service and simple automation. The quick replies and the welcome message features have been designed in an attempt to help the businesses in creating a more responsive, rich, and full-service experiences which will directly enhance the work of the customer service teams, which will, in turn, open up new possibilities for the people to engage with businesses on Twitter.

Quick Replies and Welcome Messages

Twitter Quick Replies and Welcome Messages (2)

The businesses can now greet people with the new Welcome messages as they enter into a Direct Message conversation. This sets high expectations for the users at the entry level itself. The businesses can create their own multiple welcome messages, which can be deep linked directly to a particular greeting from the websites, Tweets or apps. The Customer Service Product Manager of Twitter had mentioned in a blog post that the Welcome Messages will allow the businesses and brands to greet their customers and set expectations as soon as a Direct Message conversation is started, without requiring the people to put in the first message. With the welcome messages, the businesses can now depict their commitment to their service and also help the people in learning the different options that exist while engaging in a Direct Message with the businesses.

With the introduction of Quick Replies feature, the businesses can now prompt people in the best ways to reply to a DM, either by choosing an option from the long list or by guiding the users to enter specific text values.

When the Welcome messages and quick replies feature are both used together, the people can be educated about the best ways to interact with the businesses apart from reducing the wait times. The businesses can give quick resolutions to provide faster help to the customers and give out problem-solving information easily and sooner before an agent catches hold of the issue. Even the transactional flows and the automated services can be simplified unlike the past where they were difficult.

Connecting Consumers with the Brands

Companies like Pizza Hut and Evernote are also making use of these new features by launching new experiences in Direct Messages. The Director of Global Customer Service, Evernote was quoted saying that it is very important for the company to provide the best possible experiences to the users across their channels. He also said that they are excited about the new features that have been introduced by Twitter, which also enables them to welcome their valued customers and help in capturing their issues quickly to accelerate the resolution time and to reduce the customer effort before any agent streamlines the process.

Twitter conversations @EvernoteHelps

The Global Chief Digital Officer of Pizza Hut had reportedly said that the new social ordering platform of Pizza Hut is an example of how the popular pizza-making company is working towards making it easy for their customers to order their favorite food from Pizza Hut. He was also quoted saying that they are looking for new ways to simplify the ordering experience of the customers and these new features from Twitter will now allow the consumers to order quickly or to get all the information from within Twitter, where most of the customers are probably already spending a great deal of their time.

Partnering Developer Solutions

Twitter had posted in its blog post that they have worked closely with a few developer solution companies that include Assist, Audiense, Conversocial, Conversable, Dexter, Lithium, Hobbynote, Proxima, Massively, Spredfast, RozieAI, Sprout Social, and Sprinklr in order to bring the quick replies and welcome message features into the market. The businesses will have to contact these companies directly for more information if they wish to create automated experiences for their Direct Messages. Twitter seems to be working with a wide range of partners who will offer assistance and solutions to their customers also.
The Co-founder and CEO of Assist had said that the Welcome Message and the Quick Replies features introduced by Twitter will now be helpful to the people to have better experiences with the businesses on the micro-blogging platform. He also said that Assist is very excited to use the welcome message and quick replies features with an aim to build more innovative solutions which will bring quick services and solutions to the brands on Twitter.

The Release

Twitter Connecting with the Brands

The two exciting features from Twitter namely the Welcome Message and the Quick Replies are already out for the users. The users who are using the latest version of the Twitter app will be able to see these features in their Direct Message conversations with accounts like @PizzaHut, @EvernoteHelps, @SpotifyCares, @AirbnbHelp, @NortonSupport, @TfLTravelAlerts, @Tesco, @AirTailor, and @WeatherNetwork. The businesses, which provide support to the Direct Messages, can set a default welcome message from their Support Settings page on their Twitter Dashboard, in order to greet people when a conversation is started. The developer APIs which are powertraining these features are currently still in the private beta stages.

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