Driverless Cars Will Become The Norm By 2025, Ford CEO

ford driverless cars

Self-driving cars are the big deal at the moment as more and more auto manufacturers are aiming to roll their version of driverless cars.

Ford’s CEO commented that the company will be ready by the year 2025.

ford driverless cars

Speaking at an event held in Michigan, Mark Fields, CEO of Ford commented that the company has been taking steps to ensure the cost of producing self-driving vehicles can be kept as low as possible. It will encourage millions of drivers around the globe to adopt the new technology and trust that driverless cars are a practical commuting solution.

“The brand is dedicated to introducing autonomous vehicles to millions of customers around the globe. The idea is to bring it to a wide range of customers and not just those who can afford luxury cars. By the year 2025, we are confident that Ford can make vehicles that will be available for people to purchase them without any difficulty. Pricing is one factor which is fixed will encourage buyers to experiment with the driverless concept,” said Fields.

Compared to the conventional cars, a fully autonomous vehicle is an entertainment zone for the passengers onboard. They hardly have any road hassles to take note of, allowing one to enjoy movies, music and even do their work on the go. Top automobile brands have revealed how their driverless cars will look like. The concept cars completely removed the seats from the front, making way for a working table and a foldable area so passengers could relax.

“Just think about the things that you could do when there is no need to drive the car. A lot of things could be incorporated into the vehicle and the interior can be customized to match individual customers. Such level of customization can be done only with a driverless car which we are working to achieve,” he added.

ford 2025

Ford is not the only company that is interested in creating self-driving cars. Tesla has already pioneered the idea on their top end Model S and Model X vehicles. However, they are expensive cars to own. Model 3 is coming soon and by the time, Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet among other automobile brands will be ready with their own electric, autonomous vehicles. A lot of government regulations should be met before the feature is rolled out to cars.

Ford will partner with technology companies to make their cars futuristic and safe for their customers to drive in.

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