PS4 4.00 Update Is Out Now With HDR, Music Support And Other New Features

PS4 4.00

Sony is gearing up for a big PS4 4.00 update which brings lots of features to the console, some of them are completely new and were not even in the beta edition.

The information was shared in the official Playstation blog post. The biggest update is that it brings the HDR feature to the Playstation 4 console. It was originally designed for the PS4 Pro but those who are still on older generation platform can enjoy the visual fidelity in their games that HDR has to offer.

PS4 4.00

The Quick Menu on the console has been redesigned one more time making it easier to find the apps you need and other features. Music section is now more seamless as it allows you to control Spotify music. Players can play, pause, stop or change songs, even find new playlists in this section without leaving the current game.

A brand new content info screen features a new layout. The HDR option is easy to activate. All you have to do is head to the output settings menu in the Playstation 4 console. The same goes for the PS4 Pro and the Slim editions. Apart from the HDR, there will be plenty of new features exclusive to the newer console. It allows 1080p streaming when you stream games live on Twitch or other platforms.

While the streaming supports full HD on PC, Macs, the same cannot be done with the PS Vita due to its limited screen resolution and hardware specs. Twitch supports 1080p with 30 frames per second while Youtube can deliver up to 60 frames per second streaming capability. The HD streaming will popularize more console exclusives like Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us.

Players should rejoice as Sony has introduced a new data transfer system with the PS4 4.00 update. Everything including game saves, data and account information can be transferred from one console to another with the help of a LAN connection. In case, you are planning to buy the new PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro console, transferring data should be an easy task.

ps4 4-00 new features

Apart from these upgrades, the 4.00 update also brings the option to create folders in the user interface. It’s a convenient option to categorize your games, apps and other content in the redesigned user interface. It looks stylish, clutter free and most of all makes your PS4 console a fun gaming platform to enjoy games the way you want it to with high quality HDR output.

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