Dropbox Introduces New Mobile Offline Folders That Lets You Work on the Go

Dropbox Offline Folders

Just imagine that you have been working halfway on an important document review and you had to leave the workplace to catch a bus that does not have a Wi-Fi!

It does sound a bit scary with separation anxiety peeking in.

When even the travel time has been counted to be a productive part of the entire workday, being offline at the unexpected wrong time can surely be a very frustrating interruption. To overcome this issue, Dropbox has introduced mobile offline folders, which is a new premium feature that will allow all the users to keep working from their mobile phones irrespective of where they are.

Dropbox Mobile Offline Folders

Work Offline While Away

This feature has been on the list of top requests from the users. The company mentioned in its blog post that it is excited to bring the new mobile offline folders to the customers using Dropbox Pro, Business, and Dropbox Enterprise. The users will be to tag a complete folder while using the mobile offline folders, which will automatically sync all the data on to the mobile phone or the tablet. So, the users will not have to mark all the individual files for downloading. All the users have to do is open the Dropbox app while still connected to the Internet, and the rest will be taken care of by the app. So, now the user will have always be able to access all the important files anywhere irrespective of whether there is an active internet connection or not.

So now, there is no need to worry about deadlines and no more waiting for a cell signal even in remote areas. Whether it is during the travel time, or during field sales, or for people in the engineering, and architecture fields, the mobile offline folders is a great concept for everyone who needs to be updated and also have access to the latest information even when they are out in the field.

Stay Connected and Updated Always

The new Mobile offline folders offered by Dropbox will not just help in minimizing downtime during commuting and also during traveling days, they also make it much easier for the admins to stay in contact and also communicate with the entire team. So, every single person, using Dropbox from the same office and even those team members who are out on the field can now stay on the same page and they can very well be assured that they are all working with the latest documents.

Dropbox Offline Folders

Well, with this new feature being introduced to the Dropbox users, it is high time for people to start using Dropbox Pro and Dropbox Business apps. The users can visit the official Help Center of the Dropbox site for further details on how to make a folder available for viewing it in the offline mode too. The feature will be made available for the Android users in the next couple of days. However, for the iOS users, it is expected to roll out by early next year.

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