Google Duo Version 5.0 Updated With Major Video-Quality Improvements and Other Fixes

Google Duo Version 5.0

Earlier this year in August, Google had launched its new, very simple video-calling app called the Duo.

Though there have been more than a 10 million downloads of the app since the time of its launch from the Google Play Store, the Duo has not quite created an impression and has not garnered the traction which has been received by the other video-calling apps. Google has now announced that with the latest update, the Google Duo version 5.0 will come with improved video quality, which sounds more like a bid to draw the attention of the users. The Duo app has been updated on both the Android and the iOS platforms.

Google Duo Version 5.0

Tweet Announcing the Update

Google has become very noted off-late since it has been giving out huge bumps in the versions of its apps but with little actual changes. However, the latest update of Google Duo, which has been officially termed only as a bug fix, actually has a bit more to offer than just the bug fixes.

The latest updated version of Google Duo 5.0 has already started to roll out and it arrives with many other major improvements focusing mainly on the quality of video of the app. The Technical Lead of Google Duo had announced the release of the version and its improvements in a tweet on Twitter. In another tweet, he had said that the company is putting in a lot of energy by working on the media quality of the Duo app. He also said that though developing algorithms and working on them takes time, there is still a lot of stuff down in the works.

Other Fixes with the Update

The Technical Lead of Duo had also mentioned in a tweet about the other new improvements that will be coming along with this latest update. Apart from having major video quality improvisations, the latest update also brings along other new improved features that include a seamless camera rotation, simpler signup flow, and also fixed an issue where the sound was not being played. Though these are all minor changes, they are pretty important ones. With the video being a major part of a video-calling app, the improvements to the quality of video have been rightly termed as a major improvement. The simpler sign-up process will surely be a much-welcomed feature since the existing process is quite a long one. And with the sound being an important and an integral part of a video-calling app, fixing the sound issue is nothing less than good news.

The Graphical Results

The official had also said that the user testing of this latest update has shown some pretty great results. According to a report by Android Police, he also posted a graph of the same to showcase the trend in order to prove this claim, which of course showed a clear positive user experience on the app. Without any labeled axes, it was a bit tough to interpret what the graph actually means, but with all the lines going up, it surely did depict a positive trend.

Google Duo Video-Quality Improvements

The latest updated version of Google Duo 5.0 is already available for download at the App Store and it should also be made available on the Google Play Store for the Android users very shortly.

It will be quite interesting to see if these latest improvements in video quality and other fixes will be able to lure a number of users into using the Google Duo or will the app have to come up with many more unique features to get itself recognized as a substantial video-calling app.

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