Dropbox Updated to Version on Windows 10 Platform to Fix Bugs and Improve Performance


Dropbox was rolled out to the Windows 10 devices in January 2016.

This year in January, Dropbox will get a new update on the Windows 10 Mobile and desktop platforms. The new version will not come with any new features, or with any changelog, which makes it pretty obvious that the update is probably for fixing the bugs and to improve the performance-related issues.


Dropbox is an app which allows the users to easily store and share their photos, videos, music files, documents, or any such file. These files can accessed from any device, be it a phone, or a PC, a tablet or even on the web. So, with all the files being safely saved in the app, the users will not have to worry anymore about system crashes or lost mobiles. The files can be synced in between two different devices after a Dropbox folder has been installed on them. It is recommended to install the app from the official installation site.

The new Dropbox version 4.6 offers complete support for the Xbox and the users can now show their videos and photos to their friends, right there on the television set without having to plug any cable.

The latest updated version of the Dropbox app for the Windows 10 platform is available for free to the users and it can be downloaded at the Microsoft Store.

Dropbox Latest Update

There have been recent reports which suggest that Dropbox could possibly become one of the biggest IPO’s in 2017, with its market sales growing up to $750 million per annum. With Dropbox still trying to evolve from being just a free app creator to a big IT support company, a thoughtful move could probably bring huge success to the company in the software market. Undoubtedly, there are other techie giants out there like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, who keep offering the users a lot of cloud storage facilities and it is going to be a tough game to outdo their loyal customers. Dropbox is looking forward to tweaking its system in order to enliven the outlook of the users who have been using their products on an everyday basis.

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