EA and DICE Bid Goodbye to Battlefield for Sometime, Star Wars Battlefront Steps In

Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts and their developer DICE seem to have finally come to a decision to say goodbye to Battlefield franchise for a couple of years.

The first person shooter has acquired a massive user base. Games like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 are still most popular as they are the best military shooters that you could get into. Besides, with 20 different DLC Maps and hosts of game modes, weapons to unlock, the games are sure to stay for more years. Electronic Arts will continue to keep the game active while the developers at DICE support it with periodical updates.

Star Wars Battlefront

The newly launched Battlefield 1 is equally popular and its World War I setting has made it one of the best multiplayer shooters in recent times. And, then there’s the mediocre Hardline in case players want to play cops and robbers. The scenario is well laid out and it is evident that releasing a new Battlefield game will simply consume their existing titles which are something EA wants to avoid. Besides, the developers have worked for so long in the same franchise that it’s time to take a break.

Speaking at the 35th investor program conducted by NASDAQ, Blake Jorgensen, CFO at EA confirmed that there won’t be another Battlefield game “for a couple of years”. It is good news in some ways and maybe be disappointing to those who expected to see Battlefield 5 soon.

DICE will be focusing strongly on Star Wars Battlefront which is going to be the mainstream franchise for EA along with Titanfall series on the other hand. “We heard that fans of the new Battlefront expected more. We take feedback seriously and the new one will be much bigger, better. The future games will also be tied in with the Rogue One series. It makes it much better,” said Jorgensen.

Battlefield 1

The CFO clarified that Star Wars has such a huge fan following despite the fact that it belongs to a franchise that released decades ago. The company is planning to offer better games for the franchise and keep fans busy for years to come. A new Star Wars Battlefront game is in the making and is expected to arrive in the last quarter of 2017.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 will continue to get better as it has plenty of DLC packs to be rolled out. DICE has also offered free maps and a night map for Battlefield 4. There is no slowing down in this military shooter and going with Star Wars seems like a wise decision to go with.

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