Effect of the Pixel Phones on Android – Getting to Know the Real Impact and Looking Beyond Numbers – Google Can Have the Cake and Eat it Too!

Pixel Phones Effect on Android

The Pixel allows users to enjoy Android as it is supposed to be experienced and sets the new bar for an Android device.

Having the Cake and Eating It

The Pixel device is itself just one piece of a much bigger puzzle. Google’s new Pixel phones are more than just a sum of all the parts. It allows Google to both have and eat its cake, as it allows manufacturers to access Android and at the same time offers a comprehensive version of Android completely controlled by Google. Users have an option of enjoying the Android OS the way it is supposed to be, but it also allows other smartphone manufactures to use Android and overlay it with their own creation.

Pixel Phones Effect on Android

Effect of Pixel

There are skeptics who say that though the pure Android experience can be availed only in Pixel phones, there are many users who are satisfied with the latest Samsung smartphones, which come with the latest Android version. It is a valid argument, as the Pixel smartphones constitute a very small piece of the pie, at least at present. However, there is a bigger picture that they are missing.

The Bigger Picture

Users all over the world can see the actual effect of Pixel phones, coming from the reviews all over the Internet. It has to be conceded that Pixel phones are setting up a new standard or bar for Android devices. For instance, The Wirecutter usually asks buyers to the Galaxy S line of phones, if they are interested in the best Android smartphone.

Recommendation for Pixel

Now, The Wirecutter recommends that though there has been improvement in Samsung software, there are some bugs and certain redundancy in the software, making the user yearn for Pixel devices. In addition, Samsung offers Android versions that are behind the current Android versions available in Pixel devices.

According to Android Central, Pixel phones do not have waterproofing or expandable storage, but their previous best recommendation, the Galaxy S7, lags two versions behind in the Android OS. Moreover, the S7 software is no match for the Pixel’s polished performance.

Gold Standard

The Pixel devices have become standards for comparison of other Android phones and they come out the winner in every comparison. This is regardless of the sales numbers and it is a great feat that Google has achieved with its first effort at full control. Nexus phones were not able to accomplish this, as it was less holistic and required more compromises.

Letting Google Services Shine

The Pixel phones allow the company to put the Google services right at the front and allow them to shine, which is generally avoided by other Android phone manufacturers. Google does this and also offers an unmatched experience to consumers, so it makes other Android phones look like second-rate choices for Android OS phones.

Pixel Phones

Solid Beginning

The early sales figures of the Pixel devices suggest that they are on a solid beginning. According to reports from Morgan Stanley, more than three million phones will be sold by the end of this year and about five to six million more during 2017, generating around $6 billion by way of hardware alone.

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