EA, Bethesda and Mojang Games are Coming to Nintendo Switch this March

Nintendo Switch Consoles

Nintendo Switch is official! The live event from Tokyo impressed many with an amazing lineup of games and for the first time the company brings the best third party developers on board.

A lot of promises were made in the past with the Wii and Wii U. While Ubisoft, Electronic Arts made some successful games on those consoles, it was Super Mario and Mario Kart along with the Legend of Zelda that dominated the previous consoles. Moving into a new generation of games, it is important that they offer amazing games that are different from their usual style. It’s possible only when big developers are onboard and now they are as confirmed during the presentation.

Nintendo Switch

FIFA on Nintendo Switch

The most exciting announcement made by Electronic Arts during the event was that world’s favorite football game is coming to Nintendo Switch. While an actual gameplay video was not shown due to time constraints, they did show a video and it looked fantastic. The console is handheld and being able to play the best FIFA on the go after the PS Vita era sounds promising for a new generation of gamers.

NBA 2K18

Gameplay videos of NBA 2K18 and how you could enjoy it with a group of friends anywhere you like was already showcased. Yet, when it comes out along with FIFA, the EA package is complete. The game’s graphics is much better and the NvidiaTegra chip can handle it with ease. Both EA games are meant for group fun and can be enjoyed during parties like no other title.

Minecraft on Switch

Mojang developed Minecraft is on everything and is now coming to Nintendo Switch. The game’s awesome, offers addictive hours of gameplay. You can play it in your home, take it to your trip and keep building more items. We guess 4J studios will once again be assigned the task of porting the title to this new console.

Nintendo Switch

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Bethesda is bringing Elder Scrolls Skyrim as revealed earlier to the Nintendo Switch console. The company during the presentation said they are really excited. The list of other first party titles available for the console on launch is listed on their official website. They have two Mario games and surprisingly, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the World is launching along with the console.

Nintendo Switch will be available in stores on 3rd March, 2017 and is priced at $299. It’s available in two different color variants, dark grey and colored joycon controller options.

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