PlayStation 4 Invites Testers to Register for its System Software Update

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PlayStation 4 is ready for another system software update.

The manufacturer Sony is inviting people from outside to help with the beta testing before the update is finally released. Selected people will get a chance to understand the new features and enhancements that you can expect in PS4. The registration has started today and is open till early February when the beta testing will begin for the system software update 4.5. Once the testing commences, the company will not encourage any more applications. At this point, it is worth keeping in mind that beta testers for the previous 4.0 update last September witnessed a new UI, a revised Quick Menu, Folders, tweaked activity feed, high dynamic range compatibility and more.

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To qualify as a beta tester, you must have completed a minimum of 18 years of age.If you have been shortlisted for the testing process, Sony will send you an e-mail guiding you on how to download the beta version of the upcoming system software 4.5. As a prerequisite to apply for the post, make sure you have a working PlayStation 4, a Master Account and an active Internet connection. There are two separate registration forms for European and North American users. Testers who participated in the previous beta testing process and are interested in joining Sony once again for a similar task are more than welcome to do so. Rest assured that you can always go back to the original software installed for your device any time during the testing if you want to do so.

It is still not clear what updates PS4 has planned for the 4.5 version of the system software. Yet, as soon as console owners began hearing of update plans, they started addressing Sony directly by posting on Twitter about what updates they would like to see. A couple of these include backward compatibility, inclusion of PS Vita YouTube app that was once present but removed and a change of PSN ID.

The PlayStation blog is in almost all certainty like to feature a new blog post on what features you can anticipate in the beta version.

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